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Lovingly restored original cast iron radiators delivered across the UK

Over 10,000 already heating properties both residential and commercial, from canal boats to castles

Thank you for visiting our website today. Though we specialise in supplying beautiful cast iron radiators, we hope you enjoy browsing our other architectural salvage stock too. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us if you require more information on our products and services.

Despite having restored over ten thousand cast iron radiators to date, we remain passionate about each and every one we restore, ensuring the exceptional refinement found in the manufacture of original radiators is mirrored by our workmanship during restoration.

Why Salvagedoctor?

  • 22 years experience restoring cast iron radiators and ironwork
  • We supply all styles of cast iron radiators including school radiators, column radiators, hospital radiators, antique radiators, Victorian radiators and Edwardian radiators
  • We have our own engineering facility, a shotblasting room and dedicated paint finishing booth
  • We restore work for leading Architectural Salvage Companies
  • We can build and adjust all cast iron radiators to length for your specific requirements
  • We keep busy and will NOT oversell any product to you
  • We welcome enquiries, large or small
  • Most of our work is by recommendation
  • Our cast iron radiators are fully pressure tested and guaranteed
  • And last but not least, we are really passionate about what we do


Estimate the heat you need

Order Process

  • See our cast iron radiator radiator page which features lots of different ideas
  • Use our BTU calculator to help you establish your heat requirement or ask your heating engineer to calculate this for you
  • Contact us with your preferred style of cast iron radiator or for further advice
  • Advise us of your height restrictions if applicable eg; window sills and dado rails
  • We will get back to you promptly with a minimum cast iron radiator length to suit the application
  • We can get your bespoke cast iron radiator order under way

Cast iron radiators, school radiators, hospital radiators, column radiators, Victorian radiators and Edwardian radiators, whatever you want to call them, we have hundreds in stock and restoring them is our speciality.


Can I use an original cast iron radiator for my project?

There are no factors that prohibit the use of an old radiator in a modern central heating system. It is likely that you will be using 15mm or 22mm diameter copper pipework instead of the old iron pipe. In these cases, suitable fittings are screwed into the radiator to accept new valves and enable this conversion.

Why do some cast iron radiators hang on the wall?

Most original cast iron radiator styles were available with or without legs. Many of our customers prefer their cast iron radiators to incorporate the original legs. Unlike the wall hung radiators, they free stand and the floor bears the weight. Many institutions including schools, hospitals and commercial properties installed radiators that had no legs and were hung off the wall. The reason for this was to aid hygiene and the efficient cleaning of the floors. The Neo Hospital and School cast iron radiator range was designed with this in mind with its simple, smooth and easy to clean profile.

Can you supply a cast iron radiator to fit between my existing pipework?

We can build you a radiator that will come very close to your existing pipe centres which may negate the need to adjust your pipes under the floor for example. However, minor adjustment would almost certainly be required to ensure the pipes are the correct height, depth from the wall and the exact distance apart. This will will require draining the system and reworking the pipes, albeit, slightly.
No adjustment will be required if we are replacing an original radiator and can exactly match the replacement. We would investigate the possibility of repairing your cast iron radiator if this is the case.

How long will my cast iron radiators take?

Most of our restored radiators are prepared to your bespoke requirements. Please call or email us for current turnaround times. A minimum of three weeks is normally required and this may be longer during busier periods.

Does a cast iron radiator need to be the same size as my regular radiator that I want to replace?

This does of course depend on the style of radiator in question, however, as an example, the most popular cast iron radiator we sell is the 30″ high 4 column Neo Classic which is often replacing a 600mm high wall hung double convector radiator. It will come in at around half to two thirds the length of the convector it is replacing from experience. We will calculate the correct length for you if required.

What size radiator valves do I need?

By far the most popular size valves we sell are 15mm (feed pipe diameter) – to suit 1/2″ (radiator thread/hole size) or 15mm-1/2″.The remainder being bigger at 22mm-3/4″. With the higher pressures and flow rates of modern heating systems, the smaller valve tends to be the favoured choice for most heating engineers even in the case of larger radiators. The 22mm-3/4″ gives a slightly larger overall appearance as does the 22mm pipe running to it. This bigger look is very occasionally favoured by our customer. Practical restrictons, ie, much larger radiators or reduced flow rates may also dictate the need for this larger choice of valve, to ensure sufficent flow of hot water through the radiator. British Imperial pipe threads have not been improved upon and as a result are still the pipe thread of choice for industry. Modern copper pipe however, comes in metric sizes hence the somewhat confusing references to both imperial and metric sizes on pipework fittings such as valves.

Do you have radiators ready to go?

We do have some radiators on show that are ready for despatch though the nature of our business is to build, configure and finish the radiator to your bespoke requirements which requires a bit of lead time.Please contact us for our current turnaround times.

Do you deliver ?

Yes we do deliver. We can arrange a courier or a pallet type delivery depending upon location. Most of our cast iron radiators are delivered to site though collection is also welcomed.