About Salvagedoctor

Salvagedoctor is a family run business founded in 1991. We take pride in supplying high quality refurbished original cast iron radiators from our base in Horsham, West Sussex. Despite having restored over ten thousand cast iron radiators to date, we remain passionate about each and every one we restore, ensuring the exceptional refinement found in the manufacture of original radiators is mirrored by our workmanship during restoration.

Industrial heritage and engineering has been a family interest for some generations.
The father of the Salvagedoctor’s founder is a highly regarded engineer in his field of restoration and his son a keen artist blacksmith. We enjoy what we do and feel right at home restoring our heritage.

We believe in supplying high quality cast iron radiators that are attractive, functional and reliable, and advising you on a relevant style, size and colour to suit your application.
Many of our customers have done their research, or are simply looking to match up to existing styles. However, initial research on cast iron radiators can be daunting so please feel free to give us a call if you need advise on each style and sourcing cast iron radiators and valves that are relevant to your project.