Cast Iron Radiators

We have over 2000 cast iron radiators in stock awaiting high quality refurbishment to suit your bespoke requirements. We can supply small and larger orders whilst all importantly, maintaining exact matching styles throughout.

Whether you are looking for traditional, hospital, column or school radiators we have a wide selection of cast iron radiators in stock and to choose from. We supply high quality radiators and specialise in restoring them back to their former glory. Take the time to browse our site and see look at the different types of cast iron radiators we have available.

Please click on the top row to see The Neo-Classic, The Princess, The School and Decorative radiator styles. Scroll down for radiator valves & further information.

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    Neo Classic Range

    A very popular choice of cast iron radiator suited to period and contemporary settings alike. Post WW1 through to the fifties. A real success story with a lengthy track record.

  • Duchess & Princess Radiators

    Princess & Duchess Range

    Produced from 1901 into the late 1920's. A grand style.

  • cast iron radiators

    Hospital or ‘School’ Range

    A style manufactured from 1930. It's smooth, easy clean lines were better suited to hygiene and maintenance.

  • cast iron radiator

    Featured & Ornate Radiators

    See our range of Detailed radiators here. Perhaps you are looking to make a Grand entrance into your home by having something interesting in the entrance hall.

  • Radiator Accessories

    You will need radiator valves and retaining brackets for your radiator. Click here to see our range.

  • btu calculator

    BTU Calculator

    Click here to establish the heat requirement for your room

  • cast iron radiators

    Recent Works

    See our blog for recent dispatches and other stuff.

  • radiator history

    Radiator History

    You may be buying a piece for your home with a real history and a track record to match. See here to find out more.

  • NRC 4 Column

    NRC 4 Column, finished in Church Burnish @ £4 per section

  • NRC 4 Column

    NRC 4 Column, finished in Anthracite @ 760mm high

  • NRC 4 Column

    NRC 4 Column @ 24" high, finished in Gunmetal

  • NRC 4 Column

    Finished in Gunmetal, one of our most popular finishes

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